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The Mobile Lawyer -- One Lap, No Jetlag: In the shower today, for the first time ever. . .

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

In the shower today, for the first time ever. . .

I always wanted to be a headline writer. Have always thought it would be a pretty easy, but interesting job.

So I am in Dresden, Germany now. When I was in Amberg, hanging out with Dave and Melynn Roberts for a few days before they moved back to the States, I asked them where I should go in Germany that I hadn't been. They suggested Dresden. I got up the next morning and got on a train and came here.

I had no idea is was way, way over in the former East Germany. I have no idea why, because I usually am quite good with geography, but I'd have guessed it was somewhere in the Rhine valley -- all the way on the other side of Germany. I didn't realize this until I was sitting on the internet last night, looking up places to see, and looked at where it was on a map.

On the entire trip, I don't think I've ever been that off mentally on where I thought I was verses where I actually was.

So, back to the shower today. You may recall from one of my long-ago posts
Germany Ingenunity
that I think Germany's efficiency pretty interesting. Now that I am back here for a bit, that particular feeling/observation has been renewed.

Almost all off the public area or community lights here are motion activated. I think that is a great idea that needs to be imported to the U.S. immediately (though the bathroom light issue that I wrote about back in my old blog needs some tweaking). Today was the first time I'd experienced a temporary shower. There has to be a much better name for it, but I only had one cup of coffee today.

Here's how it works. You have all seen the bathroom faucets where you push down on the faucet, water comes out for 20 seconds or so, then automatically shuts off. If you want water for more than 20 seconds, you have to keep pushing the faucet every time it stops.

Same thing today in the shower. Push the button. Get water for about 30 seconds. Water stops. Push again. Pretty good concept, though if you want one of those sexy, hot showers for two that you see in the movies. . . makes for some difficult stop-and-go action.

Leading back into my headline writing abilities. . . Alas, I was solo. But I am clean.



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