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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Off-line for a bit

I'm taking a 5 day sailing cruise down the Caribbean side of Panama to Columbia starting tomorrow. I'm assuming that I'll be offline for those 5 days (sadly, that's the longest I'll have gone without the internet in about 15 years).

I owe everyone at least 4 blogs when I get done. If I can power my laptop on the boat, I promise to get them written.

One of them is on my stay the last 3-4 days at Luna's Castle in Panama City. I interviewed one of the owners, Daniel, this afternoon -- took some pics of the place -- and will write up a review and some insights into owning a hostel, for those of you that want to contemplate running away from "the real world." I've loved my stay here -- it won't shock anyone that the review will be quite good.

P.S. Although I am really happy with my new tattoo. . . my timing for getting one probably wasn't the greatest. Instructions from the guy that did it for me, "put this lotion on every day, stay out of the sun for about a week and try not to get water on it too much for the next week also." And so. . . I booked a sailing cruise for the next 5 days.

At one point. . . not too long ago. . . I actually did think logically. In fact, very logically. Alas.

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At January 23, 2009 at 12:32 AM , Blogger Ed Coffin said...

Wow Mike! Put some cortisone cream around that tat - skin looks inflamed a bit. Looking forward to your recap about the hotel in Panama City.


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