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The Mobile Lawyer -- One Lap, No Jetlag: Chinese place names

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Chinese place names

There is something enchanting about China, namely the names of some of the places you will be going to if, and when, you visit here.

Inside the Forbidden City (which was really a worthwhile stop), you can see the Supreme Harmony Hall, the Complete Harmony Hall and the Preserving Harmony Hall, which are all back, to back to back of each other.  Go can walk through the Heavenly Purity Gate (I was glad they didn't have a vengeful God).  There is the Palace of Peace and Tranquility and the Heroic Splendor Hall.  I wandered through the Pavilion of Literature Profundity, but I don't think it rubbed off on me.

Not to be outdone, the Summer Palace has a collection of impressive buildings -- though I think 14.7% of the entire population of China was there on the Tuesday that I visited.  The number of people did reduce the effect of the Garden of Virture and Harmony and the Spacious Pavilion -- not so spacious given the number of tourists.  Though the Pavilion of Bright Scenery was so and Realm of Multitudinous Fragrance did tickle the olfactory glands a bit. 

There were a bunch of them here that I simply loved: the Hall of Jade Ripples, Hall of Nourishing Pleasures, Inviting the Moon Gate, Lingering Interest Courtyard, Pavilion of Forgotten Desires and Accompanying Clouds (I cursed the clear sky this day), the Hall Embracing the Universe, the Glazed Pagoda of Many Treasures, the Hall for Listening to Orioles, the Heart-Purifying Pavilion, Strolling through a Picture, True Meanings of Scenery, the Gate Tower of Cloud-Retaining Eaves, the Abode of Clouds and Pines, the Hall of Dispelling Clouds, the Clouds Gathering Temple (I'm sensing a theme here), the Pavilion of Clear and Carefree, the Pavilion of Mountain Scene and Water Brilliance, and the Scenic Area of 'Pictures of Farming and Weaving.'

I felt enlightened just wandering around for a couple days.


At October 21, 2009 at 2:26 PM , Blogger Kris said...

Very interesting. I hope to go there some day!


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