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The Mobile Lawyer -- One Lap, No Jetlag: internet hell

Saturday, July 18, 2009

internet hell

I have no idea if this is going to work.  A friend of mine gave me instructions on how to try to post blogs via email -- so I'm giving this a try.
Why by email, you ask??  Let's talk for a second about Ethiopia.
The power here is only on every other day.  One day on -- one day off.  The three internet cafes in the town that I'm at right now, Gondor, don't have generators.  When there is power, it sometimes will cut out, right in the middle of you doing something (like writing a blg) on the net and you've lost all your stuff.
Speaking of the blog -- I simply can't load it.  For about a week now, anytime I've tried to load it, the page just sits blank for an hour or so.  NOthing loaded.  No way to post.
And the internet here is slower than dial-up back home.  Yes.  Its that bad.
I'm really, really sick of everything not working.  A food example might be best here.  Breakfast yesterday morning (a no power day, but the cafe had a generator, so it shouldn't have been a problem).  They have wonderful fresh juices in this country.  This place had the following on the menu: guava, avocado, pineapple, mango and mixed.  I asked for pineapple.  "No.  Only mixed."  OK, I figured that they had premixed and blended up some juices and used all of them.  Ordered a mixed.  It came out -- 4 juices -- in layers.  They had obviously just poured all four of the juices into one glass and served it.  Why couldn't you get just one of the four juices seperately?  No reason, of course. 
"Could I have some coffee, please?" 
"No coffee.  Coffee with tea."
There was an item on the menu listed as "coffee with tea."  One could only assume they brewed the coffee and tea seperately and mixed them into one glass for some reason. 
"But could I just get coffee?  No tea?"
I drank my mixed juice and watched as another server brought 2 glasses of what were obviously coffee past me to someone else.  Then another guy from our overland truck at a seperate table got coffee from another server.  My server came back and I said that I'd seen others get coffee -- could I get some as well.  "No.  No coffee today."  I had the guy from our truck hold up his coffee glass and told me server "can I have that, please?"  "O'.  Yes.  Of course."
Hot coffee arrived 3 minutes later.
I never, in dozen years never, would have thought I'd ever say this in my lifetime.  I can't wait to get to Sudan.



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